The Kiyomizu-dera Temple has remained a sacred place where visitors offer prayers to the Kannon for more than 1200 years. Please bear this in mind and lower your volume when visiting the temple grounds.


  • -Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire temple. There are no designated smoking areas within the temple grounds.
  • -Please refrain from eating and drinking outside cafes and tea houses while walking around the grounds.
  • -Remember to take all trash with you, including plastic bottles, cans, and wrappers.
  • -Pets are not allowed to enter the temple grounds except for service dogs (eg. guide dogs, assistance dogs, and hearing dogs).
  • -Photo shoots using drones, monopods or tripods are prohibited. Photo shoots for weddings or cosplay, or fashion photo sessions using models are also forbidden.
  • -Please refrain from recording for commercial purposes in the temple grounds. This includes taking photos or videos with the temple structures in the background without permission.
  • -Please do not enter off-limits areas in the temple grounds including shrubbery and gardens.
  • -Please do not block the way of other visitors by having a picnic or taking group pictures within the grounds.

Upon finding any behaviors deemed inappropriate, our staff will provide a caution. Any visitor who fails to follow staff instruction may be asked to leave the temple.